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Virtual Winter League Update

Updated as of 06/01/2020

Further to current Scottish Govt Lockdown restrictions and on receiving information from Scottish Athletics, I am pleased to let everyone know that we CAN continue with our Virtual Winter League.

This does come with certain conditions and it is essential that these are complied with by all participants:

  • Participants can exercise outdoors with ONE other person from one other household but you MUST follow physical distancing rules.

  • Participants can exercise outdoors with members of their own household as often as they like.

  • Participants MUST NOT make arrangements to meet with more than one other at a certain time to complete the runs and MUST NOT congregate in groups after completion of the run.

  • Participants MUST NOT car share. Please make your own way to the start point.

  • Please only participate in these runs if they are 'local' to you as it would be inappropriate at this time to be travelling significant distance to complete a run. If you have a run of equivalent distance/climb local to you then please complete it and submit a time to Helen and if you are unsure whether a run is 'local' to you or not, then please get in touch with me and I will tell you!

Further info:

  • 16/17 Jan - Virtual Puggy Line Plod. More details to be posted on LAC Facebook page soon. (Graham Macnab)

  • 30/31 Jan - Due to unforeseen circumstances the Fassfern Faff has had to be cancelled and will be replaced by the Virtual Zig-Zags Toughie. More details to be posted on LAC Facebook page soon. (Graham Macnab)

  • 13/14 Feb - Ben Lora cancelled due to travel restrictions and will be replaced by the Virtual Vitrified Fort. More details to be posted on LAC Facebook page soon. (Graham Macnab)

  • 27/28 Feb - Virtual Figure of 8. More details to be posted on LAC Facebook page soon. (Jim Hamilton)

All the best,
Graham Macnab
Chair - Lochaber AC

New Years Day Race

Aonach Mòr Uphill


The ever popular race is back on for 1st January 2021. This race will be like our winter league and will be a virtual race. Think of it as a 2 for 1 offer! As we are unsure if Nevis Range will be open and gondola running, you will likely have to make your own way back down. This will mean there is the uphill race and if you want to you can submit your downhill time too.

The route will be marked and we ask participants to compete only on New Years Day. Please remember, this is a mountain and in middle of winter - the conditions can change without warning! Please ensure you wear or carry full body cover, carry a whistle and a fully charged mobile and you are capable of such a run! Please use common sense with regards to safety and should the weather dictate, you turn back if need be. Do not put yourself or others at unnecessary risk. You must make an informed decision on the day as to whether or not to run and be responsible for yourself as the route will not be marshalled nor will there be a ‘sweeper’.


Your safety is your responsibility.

GPX file will be available, please ask if you want it.


Helen Smith / 07515696385 / / FB Messenger

Please also ensure you remain within the government guidelines.

Virtual Winter League 20/21

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020/21 LAC Winter League will take a different format this year and will require flexibility for all involved.


We will start the league on the same ‘virtual’ basis as our very successful summer league this year and depending on Scottish Government guidelines in the future, it may (or may not) revert to its more traditional format.


For each ‘virtual’ race, a course will be marked early on the Saturday morning and remain there for the weekend.

There will be yellow start/finish signs used. All other course markings will be via the use of red and white tape. There will be no Marshals on the course.


No registration, no specific start time.


You start at whatever time suits you over the weekend and take your own time.


Send/message/tell your time for that particular route to Helen Smith.


Please do not gather in groups either before, during or after your run.



Short (up to 5.9 miles)

Medium (6 – 9 miles)

Long (9.1 miles or more)


Timekeeper/Scorekeeper: Helen Smith

Winter League Contact: Graham Macnab, 07500504189

The age category you start the league in is the one you will compete in.

Completion of the league = criteria to be determined, depending on circumstances!

16-18 category: completion = (short and medium races only) criteria to be determined, depending on circumstances!

70+ category: completion = criteria to be determined, depending on circumstances!

Race Organisers: will be awarded additional points (their highest points scored in any race) as reward for their work.

Remember this is a WINTER league, so all participants must prepare appropriately and wear or carry suitable clothing for the weather conditions.

Long Races: all participants MUST carry or wear full wind & waterproof body cover including jacket, hat, gloves & any additional safety equipment that may be required on the day.

All participants must take full responsibility for their participation in this league.


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